Kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt

Our Guiding Principles


He has showed you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6,8)

"The KDA is a substantial expression of life of the church and testifies in word and action the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world of work." (from the preamble of the KDA)


The KDA stays closely with people in their working lives and mirrors experiences and insights from the world of work to the church.

The KDA is partner and companion:

  • for working people and job seekers
  • in the everyday life and in special situations
  • in the enterprise and in the church.

As a first step the KDA primarily learns to understand how people experience their world of work. The KDA then takes up these experiences and supports the individuals to formulate and process their experiences.

The KDA encourages and supports:

In the world of work of today chances and risks, pro and cons distributed very differently. The KDA wants to foster processes which would improve conditions of work and which would satisfy the needs of working people. This may include speaking out publicly for those whose voices often remain unheard.

The KDA takes position and gives impulses:

 As part of the church the KDA takes part in social discussion on the future structure of economics and society. As a part of this clarifying process the KDA represents value attitudes which are based on the Biblical tradition and Christian ethics during this clarifying process. It thus stands for justice and solidarity among people for peaceful conflict resolution and for stewardship for the creation. The KDA develops and promotes viewpoints and projects, which may create incentives - for a fair and sustainable life.

The KDA is moderator and mediator:

In processes of change the KDA keeps a moderating role. This is based on the conviction that conflict resolution, learning and advancement are achieved by embracing all different aspects, experiences and individual spiritual practices.

The KDA keeps quality standards:

  • high priority of professionalism
  • constant adjustment of qualifications of all employees and honorary co-workers by continuous training and advancement.
  • changing project teams, evaluation of purposes and results (BFQG)
  • orientation on customers needs externally and internally
  • a style of leadership enabling employees to optimise their work in the sense of the principles of conduct
  • standard as given by the Hamburg quality label for training and advancement
  • standard as certified by BFQG Schleswig-Holstein
  • fostering spiritual counselling of employees
  • reception of more actual social and economic literature
  • project-related reflection of the Biblical background