Kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt

Church and work - two worlds meet


Church for young and old persons, for those who are socially disadvantaged - yes. But what about church for working people and job seekers, for factory councils and managers? Is there a church for the people in the enterprises, in the workshops and offices, in the department stores, for people on their job?

Church and work, the human being, professional life, God, and church, how will that fit together?

Which answers does the church give to people who have to hold their own in the enterprises, people who are in search and experience changes? Their concerns are our concerns. The church does not stand outside the working world and the everyday life, the church stands right in the middle.

Together with you the KDA looks for answers and questions of your concerns in and outside the companies. For us, work yields more than the way of earning one's living. Work gives sense because it connects creativity and potential. Work is essential, as it constitutes human being.

The KDA facilitates processes to get going, and to foster creative solutions. The KDA as well supports communication and networking among all persons involved in the world of work.